Solar 185

Solar 185: All purpose ergonomic mobile lift with 185 kg lifting capacity
Solar 185 mobile lift is used for patient transfer and moving, e.g. in places where a ceiling hoist hasn’t been installed.
The design and shape of Solar 185’s lifting arm provides the user with space for a more relaxed transfer. The curved legs allow a wider base spread to access large chairs or wheelchairs.
The unique and patented hooks on the spreader bar always ensure a safe and simple sling attachment without use of finger strength; simply just pull the sling strap down to close and up to open.
Handy hand control, which can be used with both left and right hand.
Change the spreader bar without any use of tools; Simply just push and twist.
When designing Solar 185, hygiene was a high priority. Therefore, the different components of the lift have smooth surfaces without contours, making it very easy to clean.

Primary application
• Patient transfer from bed to chair or from chair to chair.
• Lift from floor, for example after a fall accident.
• Used in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

    • High-low lift range from 680 mm to 1980 mm.

    • Electrical leg adjustment with a maximum width of 920 mm (can be used with both wide chairs and wheel chairs).

    • Narrow and stable chassis, which fits through doors with a width of only 700 mm.

    • EASY CLEAN with smooth surfaces without contours; Easy to whipe over after use.

    • LINAK® actuator and Lift 40+ control box with OneConnectTM
Product information (07-03-2022)
Instructions for use (07-03-2022)
EU declaration of conformity (11-05-2022)
Product Catalogue (29-09-2022)
Reference 010-01403
HMI 124577
Weight 45,2 kg
Min. width 700 mm
Lift capacity 185 kg
Lifting interval 680 mm – 1980 mm
Battery capacity 40-60 lifts (80 kg, 0,5 m)