Product news: Stellar 170

Introducing the new Stellar 170: We have kept the best features of our best selling stand aid and added a new set of details and improvements.

Stellar 170 has been developed for users with core stability, who to some extend can assist during transfer.

Stellar 170 contributes to a more comfortable lifting process which imitates and maintains the natural pattern of movement when raising and lowering the user.

The lifting arm has two handles, providing a more natural grip for the user during the transfer.

In order to exploit the full surface, the new footplate has no contour. This way, the users can place their feet where it feels most natural to them.

The design of the chassis provides space for the user’s legs, making the transfer more safe and comfortable.

Winncare’s unique, patented hooks on the lifting arm always ensure a safe and simple sling attachment without use of finger strength; simply just pull the sling strap down to close and up to open. Knee support is easily adjusted in height and depth, providing the user with optimal support during the transfer.

When designing Stellar 170, hygiene was a high priority. Therefore, the different components of the stand aid have smooth surfaces without contours, making it very easy cleaning the lift.

Primary application
•Transfer of users with ability to stand.
•Patient transfer from bed to chair or from chair to chair.
•Helps the user maintain the ability to stand.
•Used in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

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