Luna Sky

Think smart, reach higher - Luna Sky

For nearly two decades, the Luna ceiling hoist has contributed to making patient transfer and lifting much smoother and less strenuous for healthcare staff all over the world. Most rooms meet the requirements for a standard ceiling hoist installation, but from time to time a low ceiling height will make patient transfers difficult with a standard installation. But to meet that specific challenge and gain much more lifting height, we have designed the Luna Sky.

Increased lifting height
Luna Sky widens the range of possibilities for patient transfers; With Luna Sky we have increased the lifting height by up to 275 mm, which now makes it possible to approach jobs that before were not suitable for installing ceiling hoists due to too low ceiling height. This makes Luna Sky the perfect choice for locations with low ceiling and low doorways.

The sky is the limit
Winncare’s Luna Sky ceiling hoist can be used in many contexts and is the ideal solution for locations and rooms with low ceiling height i.e.:
• Door connections (room-to-room)
• Ambulances, cars and caravans
• Bathrooms
• Care beds in high positions or beds with powered patient turning aids
• Over treatment bearings

• Compatible with all types of installations, including curves and door connectors
• Same spareparts as Luna
• Easy maintanence
• Quick change of spreader bar
• Simple intuitive hand control
• Max. capacity: 200 kg
• IPx4 classified - ideal for bathrooms
• Item no.: 015-03045

Latest news

Product news

We are proud to present the launch of two new products this month: Our new room-to-room spreader bar and Smart Cart, our new XY-cart which ensures that the healthy work environment already starts at the installation process.

COVID-19 Precautionary measures

Corona virus (COVID-19) is spreading in Denmark and in the rest of the world. At Winncare Nordic, we are continuously monitoring the situation and taking due note of the recommendations issued by the authorities in that regard.

Field safety action

Reminder : control the central suspension point of your Winnmotion 175 and 150 Patient Lifts according to the information provided and the instructions for use