Axtair Automorpho® Axensor

Air mattress Axtair Automorpho® Axensor technology: a new communicating and entirely automatic motorised air device generation. Product open to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Extensive traceability will make it easier for users to manage their stock of mattresses more effectively. For patients at "Medium to high" risk of bedsores.

    • Axensor® technology combining the functions regarding detection of chest rest tilting, transmission towards the compressor, analysis and communication by Bluetooth of technical and usage data of the device

    • Traceability of technical events and events linked to usage of the medical device. Assistance with preventive and curative maintenance

    • Help with treating installed bedsores by a clinically tried and tested alternating principle (EC2005-06, EC2007-8, EC2013)

    • Patient weight 165 kg (mod. 12 cm - AT12) and 180 kg (mod. 15 cm - AT15).

    • Heel supports
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